Log on to your dashboard, write a post or page.

1. Find “Add media”- The icon right next to it is “add an image.” Click on it!

2. You have two ways of inserting an image, either from your computer, or from Internet.

Let’s try uploading from your computer first. You can choose file(s) to upload.

3.  After you chose an image, a thumbnail should be loaded like the below image.

Now you can add title, caption, and choose the alignment and size of the image you want to include.

Be sure to click on Insert into Post so that it will appear.

4. You can also insert an image that you found on the Internet. When you find an image you like, use “ctrl + click” (equivalent to “right click on PC) to get the menu. Click on “Copy Image Location.”

5. Then go back to the “add an image” window. Paste what you just copied to “Source,” right under “From URL.” Again, be sure to click on Insert into Post. Please also carefully include the image credit in the caption.

6. Then you should be able to see the image preview in your post.