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Twitter account!

Hi everyone! Just letting y’all know that Science for Dessert is now officially on Twitter! I hope to be posting links to cool science for you to check out, and of course tweet when I have a new post. So … Continue reading

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Because We All Knew This Blog Would Need Some Potty Humor

Hello, my science junkies! So sorry for the long hiatus–things have been pretty busy for me. In fact, they still are, so I’m going to rely on something I was alerted to by NPR for an interesting story that involves … Continue reading

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Mars and the Moon

Hi everyone! I’d be updating more often (it’s the summer after all), but I’m doing an astronomy research REU at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. So my time has been taken up (as usual) by science. Still, I didn’t want … Continue reading

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Astrology the Pseudoscience

There once was a little pseudoscience called Astrology. He wanted nothing more than to be a real science, like his classmates Biology, Anthropology and Physics. Even his cousin, Astronomy, was allowed to join in the ranks of the real sciences. … Continue reading

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