Sample Syllabi

Sample Syllabi

Science Forward can be tailored to meet the needs of diverse student bodies and faculty interests. The common thread through any Science Forward course is a focus on the Science Senses. A list of the skills that fall in each category of Science Sense can be found below along with model syllabi for an honors level Science Forward and a community college level Science Forward. These syllabi are meant only as suggestions; as long as there are different fields of scientific inquiry and the focus remains on the Science Sense skills, the fields of inquiry can be swapped or moved around.

Science Sense List Handout (PDF file)

Sample Syllabus — Sophomore-Level (3 credit) Honors Seminar (PDF file) — NOTE: The dates in this syllabus are from 2016 AND the whole file will be updated with links to three new Science Forward Videos in August 2018.

Sample Syllabus — Sophomore-Level ONLINE (3 credit) Honors Seminar  (PDF file) — updated Fall 2017

Sample Syllabus — Community College Seminar (PDF file)

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