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I currently live in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York, NY. I've previously lived in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, upon first moving to America the first time, at the age of 2. Then, I moved back to Kiev and lived there for four years. After coming back to America at the age of ten, I lived in Staten Island, NY. It's a dirty place kids, don't go there.

When someone asks me where I'm from, I say Kiev, Ukraine, as that is the city (and country) of my national origin origin and birth. It is also the place where I grew up, went to school, and lived for six years.

I've transferred schools way too many times. For the four years that I lived here (age 2-6), I went to P.S. 104 in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. After moving back to Kiev (ages 6-10), I went to a specialized school there. Then after moving back to the US (age 10-present), I went to P.S.186 in Bensonhurst for 5th grade, Seth Low JHS for Middle School, and Brooklyn Tech for High School.

I speak two languages fluently, English and Russian. I once knew how to speak, read, and write in Ukrainian but that has now been long forgotten after 9 years of schooling in America. However, I do understand and can read Ukrainian, I just have trouble speaking it.

NYC has been my main inspiration for photography. I love to take aesthetically pleasing pictures of all the fun, exciting, weird, and unique things that I lay eyes on while walking down the crowded streets of this bustling city.

My favorite neighborhood in NYC is SoHo. It's so trendy, and fun, I love it. I love the culture there, I love the artsy people that roam the streets.