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Bobby Montoni

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My Neighborhood

Where do you live? How do you answer the question "Where are you from?" Where else have you lived?

I live in Floral Park, Queens. To answer the question "where are you from?" I usually respond by saying how my parents came from Italy but I was born in the U.S. I spent all 19 years of my life living in the same house in Floral Park.

My Education

Where did you go to elementary, middle and high school? What languages do you speak?

I attended P.S. 191 for elementary school from kindergarten to the fifth grade. When I graduated elementary school, I went on to middle school at M.S. 172 until I transfered to P.S./I.S. 266. For high school, I attended a catholic school for the first time. I went to Archbishop Molloy High School in Briarwood, Queens. Aside from english, I also speak Italian fluently. However, I choose not to speak it because I feel somewhat uncomfortable doing so .

City Championship Penalty Shot

My Interests in NYC

What cultural interests do you pursue in New York City? Where are your favorite places to go in NYC?

My favorite things to do in NYC involve playing sports. Im not the the kind of person who would prefer going to a museum or an opera. I would much rather spend the day outside and at the park playing soccer, baseball, and basketball. I played soccer for 15 years so that sport clearly plays a big role in my life. I also enjoy watching the New York Mets play, whether it was Shea Stadium or more recently, Citi Field.