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February 17, 2010 Questions

My Neighborhood I am currently living in Bay Ridge. But when someone asks me "Where am I from?," I don't respond that I'm from Bay Ridge. Instead, I say I'm from Hong Kong because that is where I was born and the Chinese culture is what I embrace everyday instead of the Italian culture of Bay Ridge. When I was a little baby, I lived for a couple of months in Hong Kong and then immigrated to USA. I have lived in the same house ever since.

My Education I went to elementry school at Dyker elementary (P.S.229), middle school at Dyker junior high, and high school at Murrow high school. I speak two languages, Chinese and English.

My Interests In New York City, I love the diversity. I love going to different restaurants all around the city, from thai to italian food, because I believe, food explains a lot about a person's heritage and culture. I'm open to all kinds of cuisines. In addition, some of my favorite places to go is Williamsburg, Union Square and 34th street because one can just walk down the street and be able to count people from at least 5 different countries.