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My Neighborhood

During the school semesters I live in Manhattan, New York. However, I lived in Suffern, New York for the majority of my life. When I was one and a half my family moved from Fort Lee to Suffern in anticipation of a baby. When asked where I am from I reply Suffern.

My Education

I went to Ashar for elementary and middle school. I went to The Frisch School for high school. Both of which are private schools. Therefore I can speak Hebrew in addition to English. (However, I speak Hebrew with a very American accent.)

My Interests in NYC

Last semester, in the seminar "Arts in New York City," I went to various different cultural events with Professor Sheehan. Included are: the opera, off-broadway shows, various different concerts, and many more. I also visited the Bodies Exhibit with my friend and I loved it. I love walking around the city, particularly Times Square at night. I love all the lights. My favorite place in the city would have to be Central Park.

My Email