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The Answer To All Of Life's Questions

My Neighborhood I split my time between my moms house in Freeport and my dads house in Staten Island. When im asked where im from i say New York, but if im asked that question while here then i say im from Russia. I have lived all over, from Moscow to Brooklyn and Manhattan.

That all the information you weirdos get!!!

My Education As a kid i moved a lot and overall i have had three elementary schools, two in Brooklyn, and one in East Meadow. Then i went to middle and high school in East Meadow. I speak English, Russian, and Awesome.

My Interests in NYC NYC!!!!!!!!!! I love it all I love the opera, the theater, the movies, and the rest of it too. I like just walking around, going from one neighborhood to the next, form one park to another, until i cant walk any more.

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Me. Ya, Im Cool