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My Neighborhood

My photo

My name is Mei Chen. I live in Bayside, Queens. I usually answer "I'm from Taiwan" when people ask me "Where are you from?". I lived in Taipei, Taiwan until fifth grade and then I moved to New York with my family. My current neighborhood has a substantial number of Asians, especially Koreans. My family decided to move to this particular part of Queens because of the schooling district.

My Education

I went to Jian An elementary school, P.S. 41, M.S. 158, Bayside High School, and Bronx High School of Science. I currently attend Baruch College. I am a native Mandarin speaker. I was in the ESL class in elementary school and part of middle school. I can also speak a little bit of German because I lived in Germany for a year.

My Interests in NYC

I enjoy going to Broadway shows, such as Phantom of the Opera and Wicked. I like to take advantage of the TKTS tickets. I also enjoy going to the Museum of Modern Art. My favorite places to go in NYC is Flushing and China Town. They have authentic Asian cuisines and items. I like to buy drinks like bubble tea and eat shaved ice.