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My Neighborhood

When people ask me where do I live I usually tell them that my apartment is is Sunnyside. However I do not really live there. I don't spend time there; I just go home to sleep and do my homework in peace. But I'm not from there. I was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. I came to the USA when I was 15, lived in Ohio for a year and than moved here. I don't think this is truly the last stop on my journey, for I plan to go back to Europe and most probably settle somewhere in France.

My Education

I speak three languages which are: Polish, English, and French. My elementary school and my middle school I attended in Poland. I went to 2 elementary school: one private for 4 years and another public for 2. Than I went to International middle school for a year and a half and changed it for a public one for 5 months. Finally I went to 3 different high schools: one in Ohio, one in NYC, and another one in France.

My Interests in NYC

NYC is such a big city that everyday I discover something new about it. There are however couple of places that I just have have to show to my friends when they come to visit me here. First I take them to visit MoMA, the greatest museum in the world. Than we go up to Central Park and just spend a day surrounded with nature. The next day we would probably go to the Coney Island, which even though I hate I love it at the same time. Finally I wold go to SoHo and just shop with my eyes. All stores window's are just breath taking.