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My Neighborhood.

Brooklyn is the place to be. Raised in Sunset Park, I've lived in the same home for a little over eighteen years (minus about nine months due to a ginormous fire). I remember being asked "Where are you from?" for the first time when I was four. I wasn't hesitant, but I didn't know how to answer to the question. So I simply said, "Brooklyn." All the kids laughed. Ever since then I'd reply, "half Filipino, half Greek." If I'm in the mood I'd throw in, "I'm also a little Spanish, but I never mention it."

My Education.

Spent Pre-Kindergarten through the Eighth Grade at Leif Ericson Day School, a private Lutheran school slash borderline music conservatory in Dyker Heights. For reasons far and wide, I spent more time in the Principal's Office than in class. The funny thing was that I graduated valedictorian. I'm still proud of it today, even though there were only eleven kids in the class. They were all pretty bright. I then entertained offers from LaGuardia and Brooklyn Tech. I rejected the latter in hopes of being offered a seat at Stuyvesant. I eventually was, but ended up spending the next four years of my life at Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School in Park Slope.

My Interests in New York City.

Graffiti. Food. Music. I go on missions to photograph places that you could see on postcards.