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About Me

1. I live in Lynbrook, New York which is located in Nassau County. I moved to Lynbrook in 1998, after living in Brooklyn. Even in Brooklyn, my parents moved from one area to another - from Bensonhurst to Flatbush Ave and eventually Coney Island. When asked where I'm from, I usually answer 'Pakistan'. Both my parents were born there and lived their childhood in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.

2. I began elementary school at P.S. 203 in Brooklyn, but shortly after moved to Lynbrook during first grade. In the Lynbrook school district, I attended elementary school at Marion Street School, went on to middle school at Lynbrook South Middle School, and then completed my secondary schooling at Lynbrook High School. One of the main reasons my parents moved to Lynbrook was because of the ease of commute to and from school and the safety, even if it means having to pay too much in taxes. As a Pakistani born in the U.S., I speak English, Urdu, Mirpuri, and Spanish. Mirpuri is a dialect of punjabi - it is the "ghetto punjabi" as I like to call it. At home, I speak English with my siblings and father, but Mirpuri with my mom who loves to keep her culture alive.

3. I applied to colleges all close to home because of the mentality of my immigrant parents who don't believe a daughter should live away from home, unwed and/or without a man to protect her. Why? Because of the rumors society may stir up. Traveling to and from New York City every morning is both hectic but an adventure. I may take the same route each morning at the same time, but this does not mean on any two days will I see the same things happening at the same place - there's always something different. My favorite places to go in NYC are Central Park, Union Square, Madison Square Garden, and Times Square (not to anyone's surprise). What is surprising, is the enjoyment I get out of walking on Broadway. The people, the jobs, the food, and the languages spoken on that street are amazing - it's a cultural diffusion.