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Zerxis Press

My Neighborhood

Where do you live? How do you answer the question "Where are you from?" Where else have you lived?

I currently reside in Flushing, Queens. When asked where I am from, my answer describes the country to which my roots can be traced, which is India. I have also previously lived in Nairobi, Kenya.

My Education

Where did you go to elementary, middle and high school? What languages do you speak?

Before studying at Francis Lewis High School, I completed my Junior High school education at Rachel Carson IS237 in NYC. I have also studied in India and Kenya, before coming to New York.

My Interests in NYC

What cultural interests do you pursue in New York City? What are your favorite places to go in NYC?

My favorite place in New York City is undoubtedly Times Square. There are not many cultural interests that I pursue in New York.