To go or not to go

“The Sonnet Man” is the idea I hated, but I went there anyway.

The guy, Devon Glover, hip-hops Shakespeare’s sonnets – the nightmare of a teacher of Literature. But in fact, he is a teacher himself. So why does he do that?

Firstly, it’s A/art. It’s a performance. He isn’t just rapping the sonnets. He also writes the “explanation” songs, which can help to understand what Shakespeare was talking about. Secondly… it’s an attempt to finally make more people interested in William Shakespeare’s works.

I love to criticize. But after seeing “The Sonnet Man” and ┬áseeing how passionate he is about what he’s doing… it’s hard to say something against it. After all, would somebody even bother saying anything if he was reading Shakespeare “on” the classical music”? I doubt that. So, while I’m not completely freed of my scepticism, I must admit – I enjoyed it. That’s exactly why it would be worthwhile to learn more about him (and then see the performance for yourself!):



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