Landscape-1 [Edit]

– Adjusted the Brightness and Contrast
o Went to “Colors” then “Brightness and Contrast”
o Moved sliders so Brightness is at 41 and Contrast is at 7
– Adjusted Levels
o Went to “Colors” then “Levels”
o Moved sliders so Input levels read 13, 0.57, and 248
– Adjusted Color Balance
o Went to “Colors” then “Color Balance”
o Midtones were changed to read 16, 4, and -17
– Adjusted Color Curves
o Went to “Colors” then “Curves”
o Curved the bottom half, the upper half and a little bit of the middle
– Made a new layer
o Made a color gradient using toolbox
o Layer: “Burn”
o Adjusted opacity
– Confetti Brush to edit sand and roof a bit
o Scale: 2.31
o Spacing: 75
– Resize
o To 1000px wide

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