(Omited much of the erasing because I did that too many times to keep track of)

1) Found a picture of a fence; pasted it to the right
2) Resized + Rotated it via Toolbox
3) Erased the edges of the picture using Galaxy brush at varying opacity levels
4) Color Adjusted Levels
a. Changed to 17, 1.40, 234 output levels
5) Found another picture of a fence; Pasted to picture to the very left, then rotated it via toolbox -6.21
6) Adjusted color levels to 21, 2.07, and 224
7) Desaturation according to ‘lightness’
8) Found picture of Sand
9) Scaled it to fit the page. Lower opacity
10) Duplicated left Fence picture so I can cover up the blank space in the back
11) Adjusted Input levels of original picture (background) to 17, .85, and 255
12) Color + Burn layer + Dodge layer
13) Added tree to the background. Then duplicated + flipped some in order to make background seem more crowded
14) Add Sky – Adjust curve + levels; Color > Colorize : 136, 25, 60 (bluish/green hue)
15) Resize (Scale Image under Image)

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