Uploading a Google Map

First, here’s a tutorial on using and creating Google Maps:

Once you’ve created the map, follow these steps to embed it on our site:


View Grub Street 101 Best Sandwiches in NYC in a larger map

If you embed a map (click on the markers above to see–also a good way to find sandwiches in the city), you’ll have a few less steps for your user, and yourself. To do it, follow these steps.

NOTE: Be sure your map is set to ‘public.’ These steps won’t work otherwise.

First, click the link image to the upper left of your map, and copy the embed code information (the code in the circle):

Next paste it into the ‘html’ field on your post or page. If you’ve never done this before, notice there are two tabs, ‘visual’ and ‘html.’ As here:

Copy the code into the ‘html’ field and then DON’T switch back to the Visual tab before posting–sometimes this will ‘strip’ out the code and mess up the results.

Hit publish, and you’re done.

Great Kills- Raechel Eliasen

The first thing that I did for this picture is add in some color. I somewhat achieved this by by inserting some blue through the paintbrush. Then I tried to add in an enhancer to improve the overall hue of the picture. Then I added a filter that added in the spotlight, that brightened up the whole picture.

This one I started out by transforming it by 90 degrees counter-clockwise. Then I adjusted the brightness of the picture. Then I added in a filter that made it look like it was undeveloped.

My drawing skills were not very good, so while I was trying to edit these pictures I found it very difficult to find ways that would have let me change it.


Welcome to The Peopling of New York-On the Waterfront!


Welcome to Professor Sibilia’s Macaulay Honors College Seminar 2 site.  This site will be the virtual center of our course, and it will be the planning hub for this semester’s final project.

Add yourself to the site on the right (contact Scott for the password).  Once you do  you’ll be able to add text, video, comment on each other’s work, etc.   Periodically during the term Scott will demonstrate some site uses in class, and he’ll also be posting ideas and tutorials here on this site.

Again, to get a password to join the site, or if you have questions about how to use this site, or if you want to know how to make your ideas for your final presentations become a reality, contact Scott Henkle, the Instructional Technology Fellow for this course.