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Margaret Galvan is pursuing a PhD in English and a film studies certificate at the City University of New York Graduate Center. She has taught at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Borough of Manhattan Community College and serves as one of the coordinators of OpenCUNY, the student organized, open-source, social media for the Graduate Center community. Her research focuses on the representation of women's bodies in twentieth and twenty-first century graphic, filmic, and text narratives.

Immigration Narratives: Honoring Our Roots

This semester we have been exploring our past as well as the past of our home: New York City. New York City is one of the most multifaceted cities in the world because it has the highest percentage of immigrants. The fact that there are so many different immigrants makes New York the melting pot capital of the world! We had the chance to delve into our own backgrounds and cultures by writing about our family’s origins. Each of us has written an immigration narrative that reflects on our family’s (or our) immigration to the U.S. We explained the push and pull factors involved. We talked about the difficulties of starting a new life in the U.S. We wrote about who and what we brought with us and what we had to leave behind. Below you will find our stories. We will take you on a journey from the Dominican Republic to China. Join us as we rediscover our roots.

World Map
Immigration Narratives from:


The Caribbean


North America

South America

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Immigrant Interviews: “We Came for a Better Life”

Read Immigrant Interviews about:

Changes in Lifestyles

First Generation Immigrants

Future Plans


Parent Immigration Story

Second Generation Immigrants

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Worker Profiles: The Struggle

In this assignment, each member of our class scoured far and wide for an immigrant worker to interview in order to demonstrate the kinds of jobs people get after immigrating to the United States. Our classmates met individuals of all ethnicities and spanning all fields of work, acquiring a proper scope of immigrant occupations. We met people ranging from Soviets to Ecuadorians, performing jobs varying from teachers to doctors to grocers. This gave us a deeper understanding of the plight of immigrants and the act of working in general. Listed below are the interviews we were able to procure from these vital workforce constituents.

Peruse our Worker Profiles by field:



Food Vendors

Manual Labor



Social Service

Access all Worker Profiles here.

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“Immigration is still part of the continuous cycling of population, as people who have lived in the city move on and are replaced by immigrants. This ‘demographic ballet’ is a source of strength for the city because it provides a supply of talent upon which its institutions rest.”
—Arun Peter Lobo and Joseph J. Salvo, “Portrait of New York’s Immigrant Mélange,” p. 36 Continue reading Social Explorer, Infoshare