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Audmar – Working in NYC

Audmar Charles, born and raised in Port au Prince, Haiti, came to the United States in 1979 in hopes for an economic opportunity. By the looks of his work history, it seems as if it was more of a mission than just a hope. As a 23 year old ambitious young man, Audmar wasted no time and chased as many job offers as possible. Now 56 years of age, Audmar has the same ambitious attitude, as he puts it “Everyone comes to America for a better life economically, so there’s no time to waste”.

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Harryson Civil’s Interview as told to Kwan Holloway

Harryson Civil’s family was living in Haiti with no opportunities, and barely and help from anyone. When it became too much, they fled to America in search of acceptance, love, and a brighter future. After coming here, Harryson’s life has done nothing but improve.

The Early Years
I was born in Port-au-Prince, it’s the capital of Haiti. It’s really loud there and there’s a bunch of people, always working and doing many others things. Continue reading Harryson Civil’s Interview as told to Kwan Holloway