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Immigration Narrative

My parents’ journey to America has been a story that has been told in my household a countless number of times but every time I find the tale more interesting than the last. My parents were both brought up in rural Bangladesh during a time of political turmoil. Bangladesh was fighting for its independence against their mother country of Pakistan and this revolution affected every citizen of the small country of Bangladesh in one-way or another. Tanks would roam the streets ready to put down any revolutionary sentiment. Continue reading Immigration Narrative

Immigration and Ideals

“Call your uncle. He’s our Christopher Columbus,” my father told me.

After immediate family, my uncle was the first relative I told of my decision to enroll in the BA/MD and Macaulay Honors Programs at Brooklyn College. My parents were very happy with both my acceptance and enrollment, and they knew that my uncle would be incredibly proud. He had always wanted a doctor in the family. After I told my uncle, my father took the phone to speak to the man who had been the first of our family to come to America. He and his wife, my aunt by blood, had then proceeded to sponsor my other aunt and my father as well as their families. Continue reading Immigration and Ideals