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My immigration narrative

In the 1990s almost every Jew that lived in a Middle Eastern Arab country decided it would be better and more suitable to leave their place and go elsewhere. This crowd of migrators in our community are called “boats”, not because they left on boats but because they left in such a rushed and hurried manner that they looked like unsettled, olden age, individuals when they arrived at their new destination. Many moved to either America or Israel and brought their Middle Eastern (in my case Syrian) culture. Continue reading My immigration narrative

Il Passato

It’s hard for me to imagine having to choose between love and family. If I could marry the person I love, but my family would disown me, would I do it? It’s possible that it wouldn’t work out, and then what? Luckily, this question is one that few of us have to face today, thanks to the general open-mindedness of many Americans in the twenty-first century. Unfortunately, though, this was and still is a somewhat common occurrence in other places, where interethnic conflict prevails over love and happiness. Continue reading Il Passato

Men of the Green Isle

The Irish are a proud people, who for the majority scorn British rule over the Northern areas. Controversial British rule over the Northern region of the island gave birth to the Irish Republican Army, or IRA for short. The IRA is and was a group of Irishmen who strongly believe that the whole of Ireland should be its own sovereign state that did not have to answer to the United Kingdom. The British and IRA have battled for power for the majority of the 20th century, finally slowing down in the late 1990’s. Of course, there were times of relative peace on the island, but when one group began to prod at the other, all hell would break loose. Continue reading Men of the Green Isle

A Lasting Experience

Being raised in a family where immigration is the foundation has proved to have a profound effect on the person I am today. My father, along with both sets of my grandparents, is an Italian immigrant, and their experience in creating a better life has left a lasting impression on my family. As an Italian immigrant, my father found that his social life and school life would become very frustrating as compared to his peers who were American-born. Being that he was only six years old when he came to the United States, my father had a very difficult time learning the English language, especially because English has a much more complex system of rules than the Italian language does. Continue reading A Lasting Experience