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Maps Marker, Maps Marker, make me a map

(This tutorial draws from the Maps Marker tutorial of CCNY ITFs, Logan and John.)
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Maps Marker is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create a map with marked points of interest. You’ll see a menu item called Maps Marker on the left-hand side of the Dashboard. If you hover over or click this item, you’ll see the full submenu for Maps Marker. Continue reading Maps Marker, Maps Marker, make me a map

Social Explorer, Infoshare

“Immigration is still part of the continuous cycling of population, as people who have lived in the city move on and are replaced by immigrants. This ‘demographic ballet’ is a source of strength for the city because it provides a supply of talent upon which its institutions rest.”
—Arun Peter Lobo and Joseph J. Salvo, “Portrait of New York’s Immigrant Mélange,” p. 36 Continue reading Social Explorer, Infoshare

Checking out AV Equipment from Macaulay

Throughout the course of your Seminar 2, you will be engaged in a wide variety of assignments where media recording devices might come in handy. You’re welcome, of course, to use your own devices, but I’m here to helpfully remind you of what you can check out from Macaulay. Check out the full list of devices and form here; your best bets for ease of use are: Canon Powershot A540 (camera), Flip Ultra Camcorder or Vado HD G3 (video camera), and Olympus VN-702PC Digital Audio Recorder (audio recorder that you used for Night at the Museum). Continue reading Checking out AV Equipment from Macaulay