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Halal Food

He stands over the grill, chopping chicken, lamb, and broccoli with a metal paddle.  After he stops chopping he presses down on the meat with an aluminum foil plate.  As he presses, the juice from the meat spreads out slowly, bubbling away vigorously.  He fills a large Styrofoam box with fresh lettuce and tomatoes on the left and a brown colored rice on the right.  After filling the box, he removes the press and scoops the meat with two metal paddles and lays it upon the rice and vegetable.

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“I am happy where I am” as told by Sabeena

I first saw him on my visit to the restaurant he and my friend work at. Just his head was visible from the little window that allows customers to see the kitchen, and the waiters to place the orders. I order eggs cooked in a Spanish style, a pretty dish with pink sauce around the plate. I tell my waiter (my friend Christian), that the food was great, and was different than anything I’ve had before. He laughs and says “Thanks, my dad made it!”. He calls out to his dad, who looks up and smiles when I give him a thumbs up for the great dish.

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Meet Anna Sanchez from Tortilleria Nixtamal

She walks quickly and lightly, a slight pattering of feet as she rushes back and forth behind the counter. Her glossy black hair is set in a ponytail and all loose ends are secured under a red baseball cap. Anna Sanchez is a small, petite, young lady but her large, spherical brown eyes and her wide, full-mouthed smile offset her tiny physique. Continue reading Meet Anna Sanchez from Tortilleria Nixtamal

Slow is mainstream

A typical day for Mr. Gomez is exactly like this one, just the right amount of customers. He works in a Deli on Jackson Height/ Roosevelt Avenue, something that he describes as “too noisy!” Mr. Gomez came from Ecuador back in 1994, because his uncle kept calling him here to help out with his business. “You know, I think that it is a vary big business! That when I come here, I will be a manager. I don’t want to be no farmer! That’s what I would have done if I stayed back in Ecuador. Become a farmer.” Acting upon the opportunity given to him to make his life a little better, Mr. Gomez did not hesitate to pack his bags and hop on the airplane and come here, of course after being sponsored by his uncle. Continue reading Slow is mainstream