Education Histories

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Below is an example of an education history. Okay, it happens to be an example of my education, but it is just one example. Keep in mind that some of the items incorporated in my example below are there to show you the types of media you can use with TimelineJS. There are a few […]


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A couple of quick screencasts on how to make timelines using TimelineJS. The Google Spreadsheet template, instructions, and samples are all located on the TimelineJS website. Timeline Basics: downloading the template, publishing it to the web, and embedding it in your post.     Working with the Spreadsheet: more specifics about date formats, necessary information, […]

Discussion Forum Tutorial

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Below is a quick tutorial on how to use the Discussion Forum on this site.  


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In-progress list of project examples: UT Dallas Undergrad and MA Capstone projects 2013