Category: performance

Into the Woods

Into the Woods, a popular Broadway show, contains many themes and intricate details that are worth exploring. Would you spend 3 days in the woods for the one thing you’ve always wanted?

San Juan Hill: Cultural Diaspora

Lincoln Center, a cultural center in New York City, was built on the destruction of the neighborhood of San Juan Hill, a thriving multicultural enclave. While Lincoln Center’s cultural importance cannot be understated, its displacement of thousands calls into question whether culture was cultivated or destroyed.

Yiddish Theater and NYC

New York City is known for Broadway, but there is another side to theater: Yiddish Theater! Come take a look at this enduring art form that has thrived in New York. There will be a particular focus on Fiddler on the Roof.

Street Art, Street Protest

Street art comes in various forms; regardless of its process, it holds the power of subliminally sparking social change and influencing the people who encounter it. In a way, they have a silent protest with their message.