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The Effect of White Nose Syndrome on New York’s Bat Population

The 2022 Macaulay Honors College Bioblitz, allowed us the opportunity to participate in citizen science. While exploring Randalls island the Bat research scientists inspired great interest in the role bats play in New York’s ecosystem and how the threat of White Nose syndrome is affecting them. “White-nose syndrome (WNS) is a disease that affects hibernating bats and is caused by a fungus known as “PD”. It attacks the bare skin of bats while they’re hibernating in a relatively inactive state. As it grows, Pd causes changes in bats that make them become more active than usual and burn up fat they need to survive the winter. Since its discovery in 2007 WNS has been causing significant decline in the bat population. Our research looks at how New York has been affected by such and the quantitative effects of the disease.

Where is Home?

An audio file to be listened to riding the Q or B from Newkirk Plaza to Sheepshead Bay that highlights the ethnic backgrounds of those who populate those neighborhoods.

Art in the NBA

Every year each team in the NBA creates city edition uniforms. These uniforms are supposed to represent the cities that the teams play in. This year the Brooklyn Nets made their city edition uniforms inspire by Brooklyn born artist Jean- Michel Basquiat. Basquiat is known for his raw, messy art with graffiti like text, and that is exactly what the Brooklyn Nets put on their jerseys this year.

Road Trip With Us

The theme for our zine revolves around our identities as New Yorkers. Our scrapbook theme is chronologically organized from sunrise to sunset to nightlife in the city. As New Yorkers, we are able to gain the ability to not only travel around the different boroughs: but also to travel around no matter the time of day. We are able to view the same scenery, the same landscape, the same environment; in both a new light and a new perspective.