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The Seminar 3 Conference will be happening this fall on December 5 and 6. For this conference, you will make a poster with your group highlighting your research, and at the conference, you will engage with posters and students across CUNY. Information about registration and poster printing will be forthcoming.

First thing to do is download the template:

PPT Templates (Landscape and Portrait):
Microsoft PPT Templates:
Poster Design:,,
BioBlitz Data –

The template will be automatically set to the size and dimensions you’ll need. Once you are done, you’ll need to export the file (or Save As) a PDF.

If you are using a map it might be best to take a screenshot of google earth or google maps. Press Command, Shift, and 4 at the same time and you can choose which area of your screen you take a picture of. If you need help (or just ideas!) with your mapping contact your ITF.

You will be able to print your poster for free a Macaulay on these dates:

Students can come in on a first come first serve basis to print their posters at Macaulay on the following dates:
Monday, 11/23, 10am-5pm
Tuesday, 11/24, 11am-7pm
Monday, 11/30, 10am-5pm



Use High Resolution images so they print nice.

Reach out to your ITF for questions!

Check out this guide!

Slides from Class Demonstration

Find logos to add to your site here

Fancy Macaulay Logos

Some more templates

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