Susan Here

A summer breeze, a slight chill in the air, an evening out with friends.

I’m pretty busy—and love my work—but when I have a chance to pause with family or friends I grab the moment and cherish it.

I grew up in Queens, but we moved about when I was a teenager. Thinking back, it helped me adjust quickly to new surroundings. One thing I enjoy about the city life now is not having to drive everywhere. Maybe that’s because I’m not the best driver!

I’m excited to get know all of you and exploring the arts together.

Dow Dave Kim

My name is Dow Kim, but you can call me Dave. I’m very playful and outgoing, but i can get serious at the proper times. I currently live in the dorms in the upper east side and it is one of the best decisions i have made so far. Jamming out on my guitar, cruising on my longboard, and hanging out with my friends are things I do on my free time. I love college.

“Life is a beach, I’m just playing in the sand”

-Lil Wayne

Michael J

Me in a Cherry Blossom Tree at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

My name is Michael Jagdharry. I like to climb things and explore new areas. And if I can’t climb it, I’ll find a way to.
Things I like to do in my spare time are exercise, play handball, longboard, and sometimes play guitar or piano (although I never formally learned how to play an instrument). But right now all my time is being invested into college, which is pretty scary to me, since it’s a whole new environment with new people, new students, and new teachers with different styles of teaching and greater expectations than I’ve encountered hitherto.