Michael J

Me in a Cherry Blossom Tree at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

My name is Michael Jagdharry. I like to climb things and explore new areas. And if I can’t climb it, I’ll find a way to.
Things I like to do in my spare time are exercise, play handball, longboard, and sometimes play guitar or piano (although I never formally learned how to play an instrument). But right now all my time is being invested into college, which is pretty scary to me, since it’s a whole new environment with new people, new students, and new teachers with different styles of teaching and greater expectations than I’ve encountered hitherto.


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  1. I agree. Change can be unnerving. It’s great you bring it up. When I’m faced with a new situation, I try to figure out what I want to gain from it. I bet others have different approaches to how they deal with change.

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