Owen the ITF :)

Hi everybody, my name is Owen. I have noticed many music references in the posts so far, so I will keep that theme going and tell you a little bit about myself using music.

Myself in Riverton, Manitoba, Canada, home of the largest moose in Manitoba.

While I do not play a musical instrument per se (although I learned a bunch of Metallica songs on the guitar when I was twelve), the last thing I listened to was Asbury Park by Bruce Springsteen. It’s my favorite album of his, in large part because of all the place-specificity in the lyrics. I also listened to John Prine this morning (like every morning, if I have the time) with my coffee and toast. Here is one of my favorite John Prine songs. But as Dave may already have surmised, my real dream would be to own a car with a stereo so I could blast Hot 97 all day, as most of my neighbors do.

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About Owen Toews

I am a PhD candidate in Geography at the CUNY Graduate Center where I research neoliberalism, settler colonialism, and the production of space. In past years I taught Urban Life 101 and Urban Revitalization in the department of Urban Affairs and Planning at Hunter College. I am a founding member of the DIY museum collective Winnipeg Arcades Project, where we experiment with different ways of combining knowledge and artistic production and display.