Reliving the Past

The child population in my neighborhood has exponentially increased over the last couple of years. Every morning I am woken up by children’s screams, cries and outrageous laughter. I get annoyed when they interrupt my sleep. But, then I realize I was probably just like them when I was younger. I think childhood was the happiest time of my life. As a child, I got away with mostly everything and school was actually fun. Everyday was spent running around the neighborhood, plucking flowers from people’s garden and playing hopscotch. Life was so carefree without any huge responsibilities. Unfortunately, in the end, everyone has to grow up. At least it’s nice to know we will always have the memories to look back on.

As the cycle of life continues, in ten years, hopefully I’d have left by then and the group of kids will be in my position, complaining about the next batch to come.

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