The Ground on which We Stand

A mess of things are sprawled on the table. A huge crack split down the middle is noticed on it. Tape is covered down the split but the tape is aged and peeling. Flashback to two younger girls running around the table, laughing and playing tag. The younger one climbs on top and starts jumping on it. She encourages the older one to join her. Hesitantly, the older one joins in only to hear a crack and see a split down the middle. The two girls look worriedly at the noticeable crack…

A young couple shopping for furniture for their new house. They enter with their three year old daughter who runs carelessly around. They purchase many things and among them is the coffee table. The couple brings the furniture into their newly bought house and position the table at the center of the living room. Slowly, the entire room fills up with a sofa, television, paintings, a carpet, etc. The family is happy.

The table is no longer in use after the crack. It is moved into the storage room in the basement. It has been years since it has been touched, only dust gathers on the table. Like all objects it only wants to be used but it is unlikely to ever get that chance. It remains in the dusty basement with all the other unwanted objects.