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Magic Scroll _ Dave Kim

The scene is one of a Caribbean beach with palm trees everywhere. I’m walking around aimlessly looking for something, anything that intrigues me. The sun is blazing and the sand is hot. Not sure why there’s no grass to be seen. I feel like I’m the only one on the island left out. Then I stumble onto a pile of medium sized stones. Hey who put this here. Not cool. Not cool at all. I like to climb trees so I start scaling the palm tree. But there’s not much for me to grab on to. I slide down a little bit then move up a little bit. I’m not getting anywhere, but with some more effort I finally reach the top and just hang on for a little bit. All of a sudden I notice something on the ground. Something I didn’t notice from being grounded. Something I could only see from a different perspective. The pile of rocks I had tripped over only a short time ago was actually in the form of an x. I suddenly thought to myself no way. Am I in a book or fairy tale? I decide to explore, might as well since I have nothing else better to do. I throw all the rocks off and start digging. When I get to the bottom I see a treasure chest like I’ve been hoping for. Inside, a magical scroll with my name on it, talking about my future, tells my prophecy.


This scroll was blessed by a magical man before I was even born. He was the one that decided my name and the day that I would be born. I guess my parents believed in this stuff, but the magical man said that I would be blessed and have a good life. In it, it says my name and a bunch of things about my future. It says one day I’ll do something great… It’s been in my parents possession until I turned around 10 years old then they put it in my hands. It’s currently in the closet of my room, waiting for me to open it and read it again. I think it’s really cool and it really makes me feel special.


This scroll tells my story. What I’ll be. No matter what happens to me, I’ll know the end result. It’s fate. Maybe I can change my own destiny and I’ll write my future on to the scroll. Perhaps the words on it will magically change the next time I open it. It’ll always tell my future, even if I try to change it. It’ll point me in a good direction and give me hope.

Barclays Center, the New Rusty Gem of Brooklyn

Michael Kimmelman’s “An Arena as Tough as Brooklyn. But Street Smart?” discusses the arrival of the glorious Barclay’s Center and its impact on Brooklyn. He says, “At first blush it’s a shocker, which is one of its virtues.” He goes on to describe the stadium as a piece of art and explains how things can get a bit “tricky” because of the venue’s location in Brooklyn.

In the heart of Brooklyn, in Fort Greene, about a mile from the Brooklyn Bridge, there stands a magnificent fortress of an arena. Its exterior is reddish brown, consisting of 12,000 grainy weathered steel panels. Each panel is a little different using computer modeling. This gives a hardcore industrial look to it. The building has openings here and there for slivers of windows that people can look through to the inside. In the front of the building, there is a huge open roof canopy with a loop of 85 feet. On the inside of the loop, there is an electric billboard that displays the inside of the arena and the scoreboard. The fact that the arena is street level, gives a good vibe to neighbors, who are glad to not see a skyscraper in the middle of Brooklyn.

The area of the massive structure is about 675,000 square feet. It can seat a whopping number of around 19,000 people. The rows of seats are steeply stacked, so everyone gets a great view. The crowd circulation is very good and everyone that responded said that the staff is very friendly. You even get free WIFI while you’re there! The restaurants inside the stadium are all Brooklyn established, such as Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs and Brooklyn Cupcakes. The people of Brooklyn were very happy about this because it gave a nice Brooklyn feel to it.

There is a plethora of events that go on inside this gigantic stadium. From rock concerts and rap concerts to basketball games and hockey games. They are also hoping to host tennis games in the near future. One of the main reasons that this stadium was built was to house the Brooklyn Nets. Perhaps this is a means to increase revenue for the team, because it is proven that New York City affiliated teams make the most revenue.

The location of this operation was a total work of genius. It is easily accessible by public transportation including eleven bus lines and eleven subway lines. Barclay’s Center promotes everyone to take advantage of its accessibility and go to the events.

People, especially architects say that the Barclay’s center is an “anti-Manhattan monument”. By this they mean that this structure is different of Manhattan and its glass or titanium buildings. It is “tougher and stronger” just like the borough it is in. Also the unevenly colored panels are similar to Brooklyn’s brownstone buildings.

Now there are some questions that must be asked. Will the Brooklyn Nets have a better season now that they’re in New York City? How will this newfound gem be beneficial to the people of Brooklyn? Do you think introducing Brooklyn to more urban buildings such as the Barclay’s Center will make it more like Manhattan? Is this a way of “cleaning up” some of the bad parts of Brooklyn?

Best Friend’s House by Dave Kim

This is my best friend’s house. One could say that I literally live here, because I’m here so often. I might actually be here more than at my own house. My best friend Brendan and I have had many memories here. I love staying over his house because I feel so comfortable and I know that I’m not being a burden to anyone. I also have fun every time I am there. Unfortunately, my friend’s house burned down this past summer, but I will never forget all the memories I had there.


This is my beautiful, majestic guitar. Brendan and I would always jam out together at his house. We played a lot of Sum 41, Blink 182, Green Day, and so on. We practiced songs together a lot and it never got boring. We would always be so excited to show people the new songs that we learned. We should get a medal for rocking out so hard.


Brendan and I loved to blast the music, especially at his house. Brendan has a thing for loud music, so he bought two huge speakers and a fairly sized subwoofer. Whenever he got the chance, he would put the music up so loud that the entire house would shake. Meanwhile, we would be lounging on the recliners in his room and just taking it all in. It was one of our ways to unfold and relax. My best friend’s house is “where I live”.



“It’s the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.”

-Marlene Dietrich

Dow Dave Kim

My name is Dow Kim, but you can call me Dave. I’m very playful and outgoing, but i can get serious at the proper times. I currently live in the dorms in the upper east side and it is one of the best decisions i have made so far. Jamming out on my guitar, cruising on my longboard, and hanging out with my friends are things I do on my free time. I love college.

“Life is a beach, I’m just playing in the sand”

-Lil Wayne