Blog Etiquette:

Camaraderie and civil discourse is vital; consider this a public site so anything you say is visible to the world.

Please don’t attack anyone personally for any reason; argue on topic.

Use PG language. Be aware that slang terms, off hand characterizations and foul language can offend others. In other words, be sensitive and present your views with maturity.

Written Assignments:

Click here for Review Guidelines and Evaluation

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(Thank you Ari for the listing)

Group 1: September 15th

  • Yolanda Chang
  • Huiru Liu
  • Jeffrey Luk

Group 2: September 29th

  • Kunal Kang
  • Jihae Lee
  • Kevin Korb

Group 3: October 6th

  • Ari Himber
  • Jeffrey Freedman
  • Michael Jagdhurry
  • Tony Fragiacomo
Group 4: October 20th
  • Helen Li
  • Aaron Fung
  • Vivian Lau
  • Liz Fields
Group 5: November 10th
  • Anton Ivashov
  • Dave Kim
  • Garrett Ho
Group 6: November 17th
  • Phoebe Lau
  • Chaya Leverton
  • Daniel Golub


Creative Assignments:

Click here for Visual Diary Guide

Click here for Video Dialogue Guide and evaluation (see Resource page for instructions on how to upload video to google and embed in a post)

Scrapbook Assignment:

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