Be aware the daily schedule is fluid and will be adjusted once we are underway. Due dates will not change.

Class events are part of the course content. A few take place during our regular class time. Clear the dates and keep weeknights (M-Th) open because we will add to what is already listed in highlights.

T August 28                 Course Introductions: meet our ITF Owen Toews

First assignments: Visual Diary – “Where I Live and Fresh Paint on NYTs reading

T September 4             Read John Berger’s Ways of Seeing  (Chapter 1)

Bring laptops to class and 3 images based on “Where I Live” discussion

Go over Scrapbook

Unit I: Seeing Dance

T September 11        Elements of a Review Bring a Current Dance Review to class

Post Visual Diary – “Where I Live”

Preview, Spanish Flamenco and Video Diary assignment

T September 18                       No Classes!!

Thursday September 20 Soledad Barrio & Noche Flamenca @8PM, Joyce Theater (Chelsea)

T September 25                       No Classes!!

Respond to first Fresh Paint posts by 9/25

T  October 2                Post-performance discussion

Read Libretto of Bizet’s Carmen and view video samples (see protected Resource page)

Post Video Diary

Preview team presentations on Metropolitan Museum of Art Visit

Unit II: Seeing Opera

T October 9     Class meets @2PM at the Metropolitan Museum (Read Berger, Chap 7 and Pop Art on Smarthistory)

Turn in hard copy Review of Noche Flamenca

Monday October 15 @7:30 Carmen, Metropolitan Opera House

T October 16      Team Presentations and post-performance discussion

Preview Opera Mash up collaborations

T October 23        Read Katherine Vaz selections (see protected Resource page)

Due Draft of Scrapbook online(set up your eportfolio with theme and sample and link it to your page) ;Turn in proof of independent cultural activities.

Workshop, Video editing with Owen; Bring laptops to class

Tuesday October 23 Katherine Vaz Reading @5:45, room 750, Library building

Unit 3: Seeing Theatre

T October 30

Read August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson (your copy) and Elinor Fuchs “Visit to a Small Planet” (protected Resource page)

Turn in Review of Carmen

T November 6    Same as Oct 30 if classes canceled due to Sandy.

T November 13       In-class workshop on scenes and monologues in The Piano Lesson.

Bring the play to class

Wednesday November 14 @ 7:30pm The Piano Lesson,Signature Theater 

Unit 4: Seeing Culture

T November 20       Post-performance discussion; Turn in any Review Revisions

Read August Wilson “The Ground on Which I Stand” (see protected Resource page)

Preview Audio Stories on “the Ground on Which We Stand”

Thanksgiving Recess November 22 to 25

T November 27   *Class Meets at 2PM, African Burial Ground National Monument, 290 Broadway, First floor of the Ted Weiss Federal Building. Click on link for map.

Post Mashups by 11/27

COURTESY REMINDER: 10-12 Responses to Fresh Paint posts completed by 11/27.

T December 4           Scrapbook Showcase

T December 11        Wrap up; Bring in copy of your story:The Ground on Which We Stand.

T December 18        Complete any revisions on scrapbook.

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