What We Feel and What We Mean
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One Step At A Time Acoustic – Four Year Strong

Besides sounding amazing, this song is played with so much emotion. This emotion is what makes it so good for me as a listener. I could tell that this song was written to express true and raw emotions, not to make money, like most songs today are written for.

The story behind this song (the meaning as intended by the artist) is that the singer’s (Dan O’Conner’s) little brother passed away from leukemia and this is what’s going through his head as he tries to get through this tough time.

My favorite art is music (mostly rock) in which you can feel the emotions and meanings of the artist and writer. That is one of the reason that I love this band and encourage all of you (especially those who like rock music) to listen to this bands songs.watch?v=2-QvnZRMwqU

September 20, 2011   No Comments

Richie Miz’s video

Went pretty crazy with this video. Supposed to be on the lighter side. Hope you like it.

September 6, 2011   5 Comments