Macaulay Seminar One at Brooklyn College
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Representation of My Childhood

Hey all,

There is a field right outside my grandma’s apartment building where I spent much time as a kid. I have many memories from that field. For one, my great aunt used to sit out there while I’d play, and every morning a man walked down the field whistling a tune. I’d always come running to him and he gave me chocolate kisses. I don’t remember how this habit started, but almost every morning this is what happened there.

Another time, I was around 7 or 8 years old and I fell off my bike as I was speeding down the path in the field. I got a scab on my knee because of this. It was the biggest scab I’ve ever gotten in my life and I was very proud of it. Don’t mess with my battle scars.

One of the best parts of this field is that it has blackberry trees. They’re completely natural–not genetically engineered and pumped full of hormones like most of the fruit we eat. No blackberries taste like the blackberries from these trees. Every summer, there is a window of opportunity when the berries are ripe and we’d pick them to eat.

Here are some pictures of the field:



I also gave a tour of the place. I’m holding the camera in my right hand, and have my left hand on the handlebar of my bike. It was hard to multitask, and I almost fell at one point in the video haha:



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