Macaulay Seminar One at Brooklyn College
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I’ve never been to an opera and honestly after seeing the Tempest, I do not plan on seeing another anytime soon.

The plot was interesting but the production was far too long. Each line was stretched unnecessarily to 30- 40 seconds. Although I enjoy music and can appreciate the skill in most styles of music, the opera voices annoyed me. Ariels voice jumping from to low to high pitch so abruptly gave me a headache. The inability to understand most of words while they were singing and reading the words off the screen, I felt, disconnected the plot from what was happening on stage.

But I did enjoy some aspects of the Tempest at the Met.

The building is very fancy. The main colors are red and gold, which reminds me of royalty. The seats and railings all are covered in red velvet which have the same effect. The chandeliers are beautiful.

The opera crowd that night was friendly.

The spirits’ costumes and choreography were interesting.

Plays and musicals make sense to me. Operas… not so much…




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