Macaulay Seminar One at Brooklyn College
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BAM: Hitchcock and Stand Up

Going into the Hitchcock movie at BAM, I wasn’t so sure what to expect, especially after spending our class time watching old Hitchcock shows and movie clips. But from almost the very beginning of the film, when the camera pans to the actor playing Hitch, who looks and sounds kind of like the real Hitch (as far as I can tell, with my minimal knowledge of Alfred Hitchcock I got from watching some clips in class), and starts talking to the audience just like the real Hitch did i some of his shows, to the end (which closes in a similar manner- Hitch talking to directly to the audience, and an allusion to his film “The Birds”) I really enjoyed myself. For some reason, going into the movie I thought that maybe it was some kind of documentary film, or maybe a film that was similar to the Hitchcock works that we had previewed in class-something spooky or macabre. But I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t really that at all, and although it was biographical, it was still a very entertaining movie.

Then there was the stand up comedy. Going into that, I was really excited. I very much enjoy comedy, and especially after the uptown showdown that we had previously seen (and that I really liked) I think that my expectations were a little high. Unfortunately, I don’t think my expectations were really met. There were definitely some jokes here and there that elicited a giggle or two, and some that got a full out laugh, but overall I was a little disappointed. I ended up leaving after the second or third performer, which I didn’t mind too much at the time. I did, however hear that Judah Friedlander made a guest appearance after I had left, and that he was pretty funny. Oh well.


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