Macaulay Seminar One at Brooklyn College
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Stand-up Comedy and Hitchcock- comments

I stayed for three of the performances (the host and the first two comedians). Out of those three, I thought the host was the best. I found it interesting how most of their jokes were quite vulgar. I believe a good comedian should be able to make people laugh without talking about such topics. It’s almost as if talking about vulgar topics is the easy way out for a comedian. Perhaps making ordinary topics funny is harder. I’ve heard that the performances later on were much better, so I wish I stayed a bit longer.

Coming into BAM, I had higher expectations for the stand-up comedy than for the Hitchcock film. However, I was surprised at how good the Hitchcock film was; I ended up enjoying the movie much more than the comedy. My low expectations for the film were caused by my lack of knowledge of the film. I actually thought it was a going to be a documentary, so I wasn’t really excited about it. However, I was pleasantly surprised when the movie turned out to be more of a drama than a documentary. I wouldn’t have enjoyed this movie as much if we didn’t have a lesson on Hitchcock in class. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to people who don’t know about Alfred Hitchcock because they wouldn’t be able to catch various references about his life and movies. However, anyone who knows the slightest about Hitchcock should watch the film because I thought it was really entertaining and informative for something that’s supposed to be like a biography (which tend to be boring normally).

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Hi everyone,

“Hitchcock” was a really interesting movie! I enjoyed it mostly because it gave me some insight on Alfred Hitchcock as a cultural icon in American history. Prior to our class discussions, I had no idea who Hitchcock was. It was interesting to see how cinematic suspense can be traced back to his work in “Psycho.” After I watched the movie, I went on youtube and found this:

I feel like this acceptance speech gives us a glimpse of Hitchcock and Alma’s relationship, which was not only a romantic one, but also a creative partnership. I think Hitch was incredibly needful of Alma and I think the movie did a wonderful job of illustrating that especially in the argument scene, when Hitch accuses Alma of having an affair with Whit and demands her full support. It is not often that the partner is acknowledged and I think that the movie tapped into that universal story quite well. Alma, who helped Hitch with scriptwriting, casting, filming, and editing, should have been recognized more often as a gifted editor and director by Hitch and his colleagues. I think it was great that Hitch shared his award, as he did his life, with Alma.

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