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Hyderabadi architecture

Hi everyone!

These are a couple of photos of Hyderabadi architecture, which (in my opinion) is a major reflection of Hyderabadi art. Like I said in class last week, Hyderabad was a crossroads of Arab, Persian, and classical Indian culture. The architecture reflects Mongolian and Ottoman influences (the Mongols invaded India and ruled for centuries). Note the tall minarets that are so characteristic of Islamic architecture.

This picture is of the Chawmahalla Palace located in the Old City of Hyderabad. Construction of the palace grounds was completed in 1880’s. The palace belonged to the Nizams (or rulers) of Hyderabad long before India gained its independence in 1947. The Chawmahalla Palace received the UNESCO Asia Pacific Merit Award for cultural heritage conservation back in 2010.

This is a picture of Mecca Masjid, which is one of the oldest mosques in Hyderabad and one of the oldest “religious buildings” in India. Prior to the mosque’s completion in 1694, the French explorer John-Baptiste Tavernier stated that Mecca Masjid was at the time, “a splendid pagoda which will be the grandest in all India when it is completed.” According to, the main hall of the mosque can accomodate 10,000 worshippers at a single time.

The Charminar was build in 1591 and it is internationally recognized as one of the most well-known structures of India. The name “Charminar” translates to “Four Towers.”



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