My Macaulay Introduction: Maryam Choudhary

My Movie – Small



Note: There are a number of pop culture references in this video. Please enjoy!


  1. Joseph Ugoretz

    I’m not sure I got all the pop culture references, but I did enjoy you showing off your video-editing and satire skills! But…The Gladiator and Guernica? What’s the connection?

    • mchoudhary18

      Haha I meant the Gladiator and Guernica as two obvious (and separate) works of art that make me feel something. The Gladiator is one of the best movies ever! Strength and honor! Guernica…I suppose that isn’t too obvious.

      At my high school, there is this well known story…basically, years ago, a group of students painted a replica of Guernica and it was put up in the cafeteria for everyone to see. One year, a kid with an intellectual disability looked at the painting and completely freaked out. His emotional response was strange, but then again not so strange because Picasso’s Guernica is supposed to convey the suffering of war. His reaction to the painting should’ve been everyone else’s too. The school took the painting down. Now, for me and a lot of people from my high school, the words “art” and “feeling” bring Guernica to mind.

  2. Boris Avrumov

    Do I think happiness is the absence of sadness?

    For that to be true, happiness and sadness would have to be the only 2 possible states and be perfect opposites of each other (like light and dark, or 1 and 0 in binary).
    However there are multiple types of happiness (receiving a gift, getting into college, physical pleasure) and different sadnesses (depression, sorrow, papercuts), and there are emotions that don’t even fall into either, like anger.
    A loved one may have died but you also just had ice cream. The ice cream doesn’t impact your sadness, but it also makes you happy. Emotions can coexist or dominate one another, and they don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

    tl;dr No.

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