Jazz is pretty cool.

Walking into the conservatory, that was one thing I was sure of. I’m a fan of music, and music made mostly by instruments (so I guess, instrumentals) is particularly my favorite, because I can play a song while working and not be completely distracted by words. (Still, sometimes that doesn’t make a difference and I start humming, so as of late productivity ≠ music.) Jazz itself is also rather interesting. I associate a lot of it with the 1920s, which is coincidentally one of my favorite eras in American history. One of my closest friends (WHO GOT INTO STANFORD ON FRIDAY, THEREBY MAKING ME EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY PROUD) also plays in the jazz band at my high school, so it’s a type of music I’ve had a few listens to. Add this all together and I hope you’ve deduced that I was looking forward to the Brooklyn College performance, because I was.

And by golly (nobody says that, do they…), they did not disappoint. I’ll admit I was in a bad mood that night and a little antsy of sorts, so I feared that my frustration would deter me from enjoying the show. Fortunately, it did not. The band was extremely talented and many of the members managed to show off their skills, leaving me totally immersed in the melodies. Furthermore, I thought it was really great that the band had people of all different ages—not just Brooklyn College students. It showed me that this group was a bunch of people who really loved music and appreciated what they got to do. Lastly, I don’t think I had a favorite piece, per say (I liked them all), but I did find myself humming “Baby Jack” a few days later while searching my fridge for a late night snack. Rock on.