Still LOST: Charlie’s DS ring

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This Monday, October 3, was my 18th birthday! I asked for one main thing that I had want for while, and I ended up getting it. It was the DS ring that Charlie wore throughout many episodes of the show.

The DS stands for three different things when I wear it!

In the show, we learn that this ring was passed down through generations of Charlie’s family. The letters are often though to stand for Charlie and his brother Liam’s band, Drive Shaft, although this is not the case. They’re actually initials that stand for Dexter Stratton, Charlie and Liam’s great grandfather. The ring was passed on to the first born of every generation of the family. Eventually, Liam gave it to Charlie as a Christmas present.

On the island, Charlie was often seen wearing the ring along with bandages on his fingers that had letters on them. Towards the end of the third season, Charlie put the ring in the crib of Claire Littleton’s son, Aaron. The ring never made it to the child or her mother. It was instead found by Sun Kwon on the beach in season five.

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