November 15: A day which will live in gaming infamy

November 15, 2011. A day which will live in video gaming infamy.

Why, you ask? Because a total of six major games released on this day! If you’re a fan of these series, than odds are you spent all the gaming money you’ve been saving up for however many months.

Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary Edition ($39.99), Jurassic Park: The Game ($39.99), Need for Speed: The Run ($59.99), Assassin’s Creed Revelations: Signature Edition ($59.99), Saints Row The Third ($59.99) and Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 ($39.99).

WOW. Just wow.

Altogether, that comes to around $324.96. Of course, I’m assuming that you loved all of these games and just HAD to buy them all on the day of their release. Hey, there ARE people out there like that. Believe me.

Video games are the best, even if they DO make us spend our life savings!

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