Still LOST: “The Quiet Place Project”

If you don’t know what “Still LOST” is, check out this blog post: “Still LOST: What is this place?

Credit for this find goes to a friend of mine, Mike R. 

A man named Amitay Tweeto created a website, entitled “The Quiet Place Project,” with the intention of it being a place of relaxation for his four hundred friends on various social networking sites. Despite those intentions, the site exploded with visits and became very  popular in a short amount of time!

After three quick hits of your space bar (and following some important instructions), you’ll find yourself listening to an excellent rendition of a medley of tracks from LOST (mainly like “Moving On,” from the season six original soundtrack).

LOST fan or not, this is a great place to take a break from the crazy, connected world we live in today. Enjoy, brothas.

A great website for LOST fans and overall relaxation.





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