Explosions in a canyon

Miniclip.com has always been a fun site to visit when you need to pass that time (both at home and school), and one of my top favorite games on the site has always been “Canyon Defense.”

This game falls under the category of “tower defense games.” They involved building things to protect your objective from either being destroyer or raided, and in this case you’re protecting a canyon. You’re not supposed to allow any enemies to make it through the opening at the end of the canyon you’re fighting end. You’re only allowed to have ten things pass through before the game ends, and making sure that that number doesn’t go over ten is very challenging.

Installing missile launchers in Canyon Defense is easy.


You can build all sorts of little defense towers like gatling guns, missile launchers, goo guns (to slow vehicles down), etc. You can also establish buildings that can give you bonuses of sorts. For example, a missile silo gives you the ability to launch a nuclear missile anywhere on the field, and a recycling facility gives you an extra amount of money to use on buying other towers whenever you destroy an enemy vehicle.

Enemies become increasing harder to stop, and I guarantee that beating the game on hard on the right-most map will take you a long time to do and a large amount of attempts. I’ve been playing this game since high school, and I’ve still never beaten it on that mode and map combination.

You can try the game out for yourself by clicking on the following link: Canyon Defense @ Miniclip Games

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