Met the DMC Team

At the 2012 NYC Auto Show, the DeLorean Motor Company had their very own booth down on the lower level of the Jacob Javitz Convention Center, and I got a chance to go visit them!

As I walked through the building’s upper level and saw all of the Nissans, Mini Coopers, Acuras and hundreds of other companies and their vehicles, I knew that there were DeLoreans somewhere below me. I went to the show with three of my friends who also love cars (just not DeLoreans, haha), and they kept reminding me that I would never be able to go back to this point in time; the point where I had not yet send a DeLorean. Once I saw one, that was it. It’s not that that would mean I knew everything or about them or experienced driving them or anything like that, it would just mean that I would have actually seen a DeLorean in my lifetime.

When we finally made it downstairs and I turned the corner after going through the doors leading to that level of the show, THERE IT WAS. The new DeLorean EV (Electric Vehicle)! For the first time in my life, I was seeing the car that I’d researched, cherished and dreams about for almost an entire year. It was astounding, to say the least. We weren’t allowed to sit in it, but we could still look at it.

After taking in the fact that I was there, I felt the stainless steel and really knew that this was the car for me. Then, as I looked up, I saw the man who made DeLoreans in the 21st century possible, CEO Stephen Wynne! I wanted to ask him all sorts of questions about the company and how things had been going, but I really couldn’t get much else out besides: “Hi! I’m a huge fan! Can I have a picture with you!?” Such is life, I guess, haha.

Meeting Stephen Wynne.


After I got a picture and asked Mr. Wynne to sign my hat, another DMC representative at the booth (whom I later found out was Mr. Wynne’s son, Cameron) handed me a new DMC cap. I guess he saw that I knew who I was talking to and that I was such a huge fan of the car. The cap is also pretty special, too, considering it’s a limited edition hat and only 500 were made!

My first DMC cap (signed) on the left, and the new one on the right.


In the end, I didn’t really spend as much time at the booth as I wanted to because I was so “out of it” after having seen not only two DeLoreans (there was a classic DeLorean there with the electric model), but the CEO of the modern DMC. I definitely would’ve loved to have spent more time there and actually talked to them, but the nerves kicked in and pushed me out. Haha, hopefully next time I’ll be able to talk to them some more and see how things are going down in Texas.

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