Still LOST: Agent Mulder knows about the island

If you don’t know what “Still LOST” is, check out this blog post: “Still LOST: What is this place?

So I recently got into this amazing show from the 90s. You may have heard of it… just this little show called The X-Files! What a terrific show. I’m a massive sci-fi geek, and I’ve always wanted to check this show out. Only problem was that while it was airing, I was scared silly of this show. Just hearing the eerie theme alone made me start shaking out of fear. What little kid wasn’t afraid of the show’s theme?

Anyway, when it became available to stream via Netflix, I jumped at the chance to start watching. And sure enough, I’ve found tons of things that remind me of LOST. One of the largest would have to be how Agent Fox Mulder’s apartment number is 42. I guess that he’s known about the island all along.

Apartment 42. Fox Mulder.

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