The DeLorean Bicycle – “Ride the Dream”

If you know cars, odds are you’ve probably heard of the DeLorean. I mean, it is a car. That is, up until today. Now, not only is it a car, but it’s a bicycle, too! How crazy is that?

I almost thought it was a random prank when I saw the DeLorean Motor Company Facebook page post a link to, but then I remembered that Stephen Wynne, CEO of DMC, had once mentioned the idea of making a DeLorean-styled bicycle. It turns out that this product is totally real.

The DeLorean Bicycle is a stainless steel bicycle that’s built for speed, comfort and stardom. As stated on the website: “The DeLorean Bicycle gives a ride combined with a style that makes it equally at home next to your DeLorean during the car show as it would the weekly road race for the city limit signs. Even if you have never owned a DeLorean, the name and style are iconic and unmistakeable.”

That’s right. It’s a bike name now.

Right now, it looks like there are three models of the bike available to purchase: “DeLorean Anyday,” “DeLorean Speed,” and “DeLorean Cruise.” I would definitely go with the “Anyday” model, just because I’d like to show my DeLorean Bicycle off all the time and not only go racing, haha.

Although this is probably the coolest bicycle in existence now, there’s just one problem: the base price is $5,495. Well, there goes the idea of getting that as my own personal ‘end-of-first-year-of-college’ gift.

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